Development Land (Residential) For Sale in St. James, Maroon Town

USD $ 5,450,000

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Property Information

  • For Sale
  • Residential
  • MLS ID: MLS-56711

This property sits in a self enclosed valley with the head of the Martha Brae and another river running through it. It is 2,734 acres of amazing, mostly flat land with 1,500 acres being prime agricultural land to grow sugar cane, pineapple, flowers or coconuts and for raising cattle or livestock in general. There are two Estate houses on the property located close to the hills in the southern section of the property that need repair. There is also a packing shed, washing building, steel building, Greenhouse, Solar power facility and store house. The property also has the Spring Vale Marl Pit, which is a functioning Marl pit with an extensive reserve of good quality marl and has a current mining license. Owners have lab reports on quality and reserve amounts This property has 6 other titles that together make up the 2,734 acres. Owners selling as a whole

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Listing courtesy of: EDGE REALTY JAMAICA LTD

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